Stuck In a Rut? Here’s How to Get Over it and Move On

Breaking out of a rut can be challenging, but with the right amount of determination and motivation, it’s surmountable! When you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, it’s important to recognize how you want to feel and how it could potentially lead to positive outcomes. This can be done by taking some time to reflect on how making a change may improve your life, or how not making the desired change could potentially worsen your situation. With this mental clarity, it will be easier to acknowledge what needs to be done in order to help you get over it and move on. Break down the task into smaller steps, plan them accordingly while holding yourself accountable and embracing uncomfortable feelings—this usually means diving outside of your comfort zone! Understand that ending up in a rut is not necessarily a problem; It is only problematic once you choose stay within its confines.

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