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bluetooth earbuds detail

2022 Bluetooth Earbuds

* Listen to Music/Movie, Bluetooth Call, Fast Connect, Play next/previous Button, Waterproof, High Quality Sound, Bluetooth 5.0
* Support all Devices with Bluetooth

$8̶0̶ $39.99


  • Automatic Fast Connect

Auto connect, Zero Latency, Bluetooth 5, High Quality Sound.

  • No Wasted Time

Control playback with buttons, Auto on/off, Recharge in Storage.

  • Waterproof

No more worries getting it wet.

bluetooth earbuds

Our Mission Is to Provide
Support for Motivation
And Success

Help support your Undefeated Motivation, productivity, and success with a reliable Bluetooth earbud. Use it during your break or work.

50% Off Limited Time


bluetooth earbuds
bluetooth earbuds
bluetooth earbuds
bluetooth earbuds


1. Listening to songs and calling, support listening to songs and calling,

2. Caller ID, call back, all-intelligent Chinese and English prompt tone, power on, pairing, power off, etc.

3. Every time the Bluetooth headset is connected to the mobile phone, the Bluetooth headset will automatically connect to the mobile phone after it is turned on, which is convenient and fast.

4. Smart Compatibility: Support all mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc. with Bluetooth function.

5. Bluetooth 5.0

6. Automatic power on/automatic shutdown

7. Binaural call

8. Previous song, next song

9. Support daily waterproof and sweatproof (does not support flushing and soaking)

Package Contents:

1 * Right ear headphone

1 * Left ear headphone

1 * Charging case

1 * USB charging cable

1 * User Manual


“Basically AirPods. They are perfect”.

A***a    Customer


“Really amazing. I'm actually stunned at how good they are. They're smaller than expected but that doesn't matter at all. For the quality, it is absolutely amazing. It came with its own charger. On top of that we're not even going to get into how good the bass is and the volume goes really high on 100%. Recommend”.

S***b    Customer

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